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Welcome to Highway Care USA

Our Mission

Highway Care USA will deliver the latest barrier technology for permanent and temporary applications. Saving time, money and lives while providing a secure environment for highway workers and the motoring public.

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Company and Product History

1976 - Highway Care was formed in the UK as a highway maintenance company. As the Company grew, it introduced an innovative and revolutionary line of roadway safety products, becoming one of the leading suppliers of road safety products not only in the UK but around the world.

2000 - Highway Care developed the revolutionary BarrierGuard 800® product, a high containment steel barrier that would change the construction and security world forever. BarrierGuard 800® was approved under Europe’s highest crash testing standards EN 1317-N2 and EN 13173 H-2. Since the introduction of BarrierGuard 800® into the UK market, portable concrete usage has declined to the point that now approximately 80% of all portable barrier used is steel barrier.

2004 - BarrierGuard 800® tested under NCHRP 350 standards, is FHWA TL-4 approved for use in the United States for temporary or permanent barrier installation.

2007 - BarrierGuard8 00® MDS (Minimum Deflection System) tested under NCHRP 350 standards, is FHWA TL-3 approved with less than ONE INCH deflection at 62mph, 25 degree impact when anchored every 20 feet. Permanent deflection is less than portable concrete barriers and with fewer anchors.

Highway Care USA was established to represent BarrierGuard 800® and SecureGuard in the United States and Canada through a regional distributor network. Working locally with Contractors, Engineers, Municipal governments and State DOT’s we are able to provide immediate response to your bridge or construction zone needs. Our team can become as involved in your project as you wish, from engineering support for projects in the design phase, to simply renting or selling barriers saving you time and money. Our approach to business is: “Local businesses know local markets best.”

BarrierGuard saves 3 ways: Transportation, Mobility, Installation Barrierguard being installed by a truck crane roadside. barriereguard installed on a bridge to protect pedestrians.